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Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

Do You Want to Get Pregnant as soon as possible? Here are Steps, Tips and Advice For Couple To Get Pregnant Fast Dear Brother, The absence of a baby in a home can be one factor that may influence the happiness of a couple in their marriage. People say that babies are the sweet-hearts of […]

Swollen Lips

Lips also need proper care as any other part of the body. They are the most delicate body parts that require adequate moisture and hydration to add life to your face. The outermost layer of our lips is thinner as compared to other parts of the skin. This makes lips extremely sensitive. Trauma, irritants, allergic […]

Poop: Black or Dark Green

If you have black poop, there is a good chance that you are already well aware that constipation could be to blame. If you are having less than three bowel movements per week, this is medically classified as constipation. However, it is important to note that if you are someone who traditionally has 15 to […]

Nyquil Abuse

When a young person starts with Nyquil abuse, it can go unnoticed in the beginning. But while the signs may be visible after sometime, it can be difficult for the abusers to actually accept that they need help. By this, we mean that regular abuse of Nyquil can cause physical dependence as well as addiction. […]

You Are Not Alone With COPD

Suffering with COPD can feel a lot like living a nightmare that never seems to end. Although you may try to keep your spirits up with the hope that something will change, every morning you wake up to find that the same circumstances that faced you the day before are back again. On a bad […]

Slang Terms for Marijuana

Grass, hemp and herb are also names for marijuana. These are common names that are used by the patients who have been prescribed marijuana and the causal users of the drug. The names grass and herb are used to describe how the marijuana looks once it has been processed. The processed marijuana is a dark […]

Cloudy Urine – Is It Alarming?

Normal urine has yellow clear color. However, there are times when a person excretes cloudy urine. Obviously, you will not think that it is normal because there is a possibility that it is a sign of other serious illnesses. This color of urine is caused by several factors such as infections, food intakes as well […]

Poison Ivy Contagious

Poison ivy contains a chemical oil named urushiol, and the plant releases the oil when touched by someone. Urushiol is present in the leaves, roots and stem of the plant. It is said that many of the people are sensitive to this particular oil and they develop a rash if touched. People may suffer with some some […]

How to Prepare Crab Louie or Crab Louis Salad

At different times, this dish has been called Crab Louie, Crab Louis Salad, Louis Salad and/or the King of Salads. Research indicates that although the origins of the recipe are unclear, it is reputed to date back to the early 1900’s. Some anecdotes credit the original recipe to the entrepreneur Louis Davenport. Presently, three recipes […]

Why smoking is injurious?

A constant dried out cough is your body’s mode of trying to clean the crud away from your lungs naturally. But unhappily, if you carry on smoking each day,  then it is a losing battle. So your body wants aid in cleaning the tar, nicotine, chemicals, and crap that cigarettes pump into your lungs everyday. […]

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